18 November 2007

its been awhile, but im back.

This is one of my original oil paintings from a series of studies of seeds. It is 4 inches by 5 inches and it is oil paint on board. I found the seeds on a tree that lives down at the end of the property on lopez Island, by the pond.
I have used a number of my favorite greens and browns with purples in the under painting layers, it is finished with a protective varnish. This painting is unframed.

Nils Benson

The bidding starts at $100 US on eBAy

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09 January 2007

An old orange I had inspired this oil painting on board. It mesuares 3.5 inches by 5 inches $80.00

27 March 2006

Pine cone

Another small 3 inch by 5 inch painting. Oil on board. This one is of my favorite type of pine cone that I find lying around in LA. This painting is for sale contact me nils@nilsbenson.com

18 March 2006

Orange slice

Another small oil on 3 x 5 inch panel painting from the orange objects series.
If you would like to purchase this painting, price$80.00 US, please contact me: nils@nilsbenson.com

10 March 2006

Dried Poppy Seed Head

A first in the series of dried seeds and things in browns, ochre's, and yellows. Click here to bid on this painting 10% of the sales price will go to Washington State CASA

03 March 2006

The Circus Tent

A slightly larger painting this week about the circus coming to town. This is oil on board and 5 " x 7 " unframed.
Click here to bid on eBay10% of the sale price is being donated to Washinton State CASA

21 February 2006

Matchbox Truck

This is a small 3"x 5" oil on panel painting of one of my favorite blue objects. This is the last of the blue series for awhile, next will be orange, ochre and browns.
Click here to bid 10% of the sale of this painting is going to Washinton State CASA.